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If any of our staff, our members or advertisements have ever offended anybody or have come across as arrogant or rude, please forgive us. We would love
to hear any complaints or suggestions regarding ways we can benefit and increase our services to mankind for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). You can contact
us on the numbers below. We don’t mind if you would like to remain anonymous. Please make dua for us and we will make dua for you.

Please continue supporting us.

Farhad Kanna

Galleb Essa (Shelvcraft)

Mohamed Essa (Shelvcraft)

Arshaad Akoob

Baboo Cassim (Prestige Hiring)

Cassim Gooma

Dr Mohamed Sadek (Middleburg)

Mohamed Gatta (Gatta’s Fabrics)

Nasser Ebrahim

Qassim Gani (Comafrica)

Rafeek Moosa Dada (Cassim Moosa’s Brother)

Sikandar  Joosub (Pretoria Babywear) ‘

Sattar Abdullah (Burgersfort)

Yusuf Suliman (A.k Mohamed)
Te|:+27 (012) 374 I584 Fax: +27 (012) 374 2448 Cell: 079 91] 9| I8
www.instituteforislamicservices.co.za | islamic1584@gmail.com | BBM: 2994006C

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