Operation WInter Warmth

“And whatever we spen in charity or whatever vow you make, be sure Allah knows it all. But the wrong doers have no helpers” ~ Quraan S:2 V:270

For over 30 years the IIS has been carrying out operation winter warmth to many disadvantaged communities, schools, hostels, madressas, disabled centres, etc.
and to this very day we continue to allebiate the plight of the poor during the unforgiving cold season. The IIS co-ordinates the distribution of blankets, jerseys, woolie, etc.
to places such as: Attridgeville, Lotus Gardens,Laudium, Pretoria West, Sochanguve, etc. Thousands of blanketsand winter items are distributed to these places every year and the numbers are increasing. This year we distributed blankets, clothes and other items to the following places:
– Unemployment office, Marabastad
– Homeless shelter, Marabastad
– Masjid Al-Rahman, Marabastad
– Street children in and around laudium
– IIS day care centre, Laudium
– IIS day care centre, Lotus Gardens

Zakaat & Lillah Applicable