Book Publication

“Say: O People of the Book! Come
to common terms as between us
and you: that we worship none but
God; that we associate no partners
with him; that we erect not, from
among ourselves Lords and patrons
other than God.”If then they turn
back, Say ye: “beaar witness that we
(at least) are Muslims
(Bowing to God’s Will)” ~
Quraan – S:3 V:64

part from fulling the needs of the stomach, we at the IIS provide food for
the heart and the mind as one of the main objectives of organisation.
This is done through book reprinting publishing and distributing free of charge
all for the pleasure of Allah (SWT). These are some of the book titles: is
Jesus God, Sincerely Wrong, Who Moved The Stone, What Is His Name,
Did Jesus Die for your Sins?, Hidden Treasures in the Bible, The Amazing
Quraan, The Dawn, The Untold Truth About Islam, Why The Roman Catholic
Church Debunks Christianity, Islam Is, Basics of Islam.

Zakkat and Lillah Applicable