Islam on billboards

“And who is better in speech than he who says: Myy Loard is Allah (believes in His Oneness) and then stands straight (acts upon his order) and invites (men) to Allah, and does righteous deed, and says: I am one of Muslims.” ~ Quraan S:41 V:33

The IIS is proud to have launched a lot of billboards
on Islam. We have seen a lot of direct and indirect references to ISlam in the media that
not only misconstructed Islam’s image but also spread hatred towards Islam
and Muslims. This billboard informational campaign aims to reach out to as many
South Africans as possible by promoting understanding through answering common questions
on Islam and Muslims, and Insha Allah will work to bridge the gap between Musaleen and non – Muslims.
Our billboards are in: Bree Street- Johannesburg, Bengal Street – Laudium, Quagga Road- Laudium.
All these billboards are sponsored – by private business people. We have been lately distributed and put
up 2000 stickers in Muslim homes, townships and cars.

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