Malawi Relief

malawi relief

It is indeed with much sadness that we received the news of flooding in Malawi, where thousands of damaged homes and even death.

The Institute For Islamic Services had an urgent meeting with the NGO in Malawi withe the aim at assisting those affected. our short term goal is to provide clean water, mosquito nets, food, clothing etc. Our long term goal is to re-build mosques, We appeal to people to donate tin foods, whole grain mealie meal, old clothes etc.

Drop of point:330 Carmine Street, Laudium

newsflash Three of our memebers:
Arshaad Akoob, Nasser Ebrahim and Boboo Prestige are currently in Malawi doing aid work. More teams will be leaving every week for the next 2 weeks.



lilah and zakaat

Banking Details:

Name Of Account: Institute for islamic services
Branch: Laudium
Branch code: 252245
Zakaat Account: 6052 911 5665
Lillah Account: 6052 911 7398