Marabastad Info Centre

“Let there arise out of you a bond of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; thet are the ones to attain felicity.” ~ Quraan – S:3 V:104

We Run an information and Dawah centre in the Masjid Rahman block in Marabastad
where we give information on Islam in the busy business district. The entire centre,
which includes Masjid-al-Rahman, is being run in conjunction with the Pretoria Islamic Society. We have a full time Da’ee who operates this information centre and aslo facilitates adult and revert classes at the centre.

The Sawah Office is successfully operating from 3:00- 5:00 on weekdays and full day on friday,
Saturday and Sunday. It is located in Marabastad complex in Mogul Street.
The Following activities take pleace at the office:

Educating non – Muslims about the beauty of Islam.
Giving non Muslims the opportunity to embrace Islam.
Teaching Dawah skills to those interested.
Having practical leassons such as how to perform wudhu,salah etc.
Distributing books according to the interest of the individual.
Feeding the needy every Friday.
Participating in various charity projects such as winter warmth.
And many more…

The Average non-Muslims embracing Islam is about 22 individuals evey month. the Dawah office is well-known to many and has many success stories. All staff of the Dawah office are well-acquainted and work effectively.
Any challenges that come to the Dawah office is discussed and solved immediately. Thus the Dawah office runs successfully and gives a major contribution to the community.

Lillah / Zakaat/ Sponsorship Applicable