Masjid Al Malik

“The mosques of Allah shall be visited and maintained bu such as believe in Allah and the last day,
established regular prayers, pay zakaat and fear none at all except Allah, it is they who are excepted to be on the guidance” ~ Quraan S9: V18

We have build Masjid Al-Malik in Soshanguve, a unique project that is designed to be both a place of ibaadah and a place of economic empowerment for the poor people of the township. Adjacent to the masjid are shops that are run by the musallees and whatever little profit they make, sustains their families and assists in the masjid. We have a daily madressah in the afternoons and a full-time teacher, muazzin and imaam on the premises. The IIS runs the entire masjid whereby we pay all expenses which include the salaries of the Imaam, Muaazim and Teacher, as well as the lights and water accounts.

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