Operation Qurbaani



This proiect does not only benefit one person or family.
All meat”goes to poor and needy Muslim families in the Bihar District of India
and all profits go to spreading the Dean of Islam and towards the service of
Mankind in South Africa through projects done by us on a daily basis.


All Profits Go to I.I.S. Projects Stated Below!

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“It is not their meat not their blood that reaches Allah:

it is your peity that reaches him:

He has thus made them subject to you, that ye may glorify

Allah for His guidance to you. ANd proclaim the good news

to all who do good.” ~ Quraan= S:22 V:37

By the grace of Allah (SWT), the IIS carries out the Operation Qurbani every year

in poverty stricken areas in Malawi and India. Our delegation of IIS members as well as

members from the community supervise the slaughtering of qurbanis and the distribution of meat to poor

areas where people only get to eat meat once a year. they do not have the luxuries like taps and

electricity and live from hand to mouth

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Operation Qurbani 2012



Operation Qurbani 2013


Operation Qurbani 2014